Rhetorical Mode

Rhetorical Mode is a pattern of thought or the "approach" to a topic.

Expository Mode

The expository mode is informative.
Compare and Contrast
There are many ways of comparing and contrasting, depending on your Arrangement. The venn diagram and the charts are examples of compare and contrast. Compare and contrast is typically by pointing out the topic (wind and nuclear energy), then identifying the point of comparison underneath that (cost and efficiency) OR by identifying the point of comparison (cost and efficiency) , then the topics beneath that (wind and nuclear energy).


Cause and Effect

Cause and effect examine causes and/or describe effects. Cause and effect link situations and events together through time.



Narrations is used to set the stage for the paper. It gives background information, sets the tone, and gives a logical order for the paper.


Description is as it sounds, a description of a person, place, or thing so the reader can create an image in their head.

Division & Classification

With classification and division, the writer puts the topic in categories, clarify the comparison, or divide the topic by characteristics.


An example is another way to inform the reader of what you are trying to portray using different things.

Process Analysis

Seen as a "how to" instruction of what you are supposed to do and is very technical.


A persuasive way to use logic to get the audience to agree with what you are arguing. Oration Model


Classification is, basically, putting different things in group by characteristics. A classification essay is structurally like a Compare and Contrast essay.

Extended Definition

Extended essays are written to either clarify and/or describe. Extended essays include a concise definition, elaborate descriptions, examples, and illustrations.

Narrative Mode

The Narrative mode can be summed up by using the plot mountain. The plot mountain tracks conflict of a story.



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