The appeals are ethos, pathos, and logos. They are key to an effective rhetorical situation.

The Three Appeals


Appeal to credibility


Appeal to emotion


Appeal to logic

Using the Appeals

Focus on the Text if You Want to Reach the Appeals

1. Broadly characterize the appeals
What does the speaker want the audience to believe, feel, or do?
- This focuses your attention on the meaning of the rhetoric

2. Figure out where you got these ideas

1. Characterize/classify strategy
- e.g. "connotatively loaded diction"
- If you're supposed to be mad, how did the speakers words get you there?

2. Describe how these strategies show up (text evidence)

3. Explain effect strategy has on audience

4. Evaluate the effectiveness of strategy

Don't start writing until you have a thesis
Speaker's rhetoric is/is not effective because strategy+ effect+ purpose

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